John’s 3K-100K

Welcome to my 3K-100K project.  I focus primarily on commodity related stocks:  metals, coal, oil/gas.  Most of my trades focus around a core of 10 stocks, along with various ETFs.  I will most commonly be in 1-2 trades and at times will sit with none.  Call and put options with 1-2 month expiration times are where I focus almost all of my trades.  I tend to be quick on most trades and don’t like holding trades for extended periods of time.


Feb 14:  I sold my HAL calls at $2.43 for a $4,720 gain.  The stock is extremely bullish but my options expire tomorrow.

Feb 11:  I sold my GDX calls due to the gap lower below the 7.  I sold them at $0.44 for a $2,700 lost.

Feb 5:  I entered the AAPL trade.  10 Feb 465 calls at $4.70.

Feb 5:  I am looking to buy AAPL calls into the close today.  The price action is bullish today and I believe the likelihood of more strong bounce is high.  I’m looking at doing 10 of the Feb 465 calls.


Feb 4:  I also added HAL calls.  40 Feb 40 calls at $1.25.  The stock is outperforming today and if strength reenters the market HAL could have a big surge intraday.  HAL had a big earnings beat and I expect to see it break to new highs after consolidating back to the 7.  As is the case with GDX, if the stock reverses back below the 7 I will exit.


Feb 4:  I bought GDX calls.  50 Feb 42 calls for $0.98.  I’m going to use the 7 as a stop, around $42.  So I will end up leaving today if the buying reverses into selling.  I’m looking for about a $1.50 bounce.  If the weakness from today reverses, I am looking to potentially buy HAL or IBM.


Feb 1:  I sold both my positions.  I sold VALE for $0.50 for a $2,600 and I sold IWM at $0.76 for a $2,960 loss.  I broke my stop on both and paid the price.  This puts me back to $17,352.  I hope Jeff enjoys his short-lived lead!

Jan 29:  I also bought VALE puts.  50 March 20 puts for 1.02.   Vale gives me a recent underperformer, along with a sector that has had disappointing earnings, and an easy stop out.


Jan 29:  I bought 40 IWM Feb 90 puts for $150.  IWM is trading below the 7 for the first time this year and given the overbought nature of the market, I am adding.  I will look to stop out with a move above today’s highs.

Jan 25:  GDX moved faster and more bearish than I expected.  I am taking the trade off at $3.50.  This was a $6,060 profit or 137%.  This puts me in all cash sitting at $22,912.

Jan 23:  I bought 30 GDX Feb 45.5 puts for $1.48.   GDX has been consolidating for a while and after yesterday’s attempt at a bullish move followed by today’s bearish action, I am adding the put trade.


Jan 17 (a): I sold my IBM position for $3.55, a $300 profit, 9.2%.  I myself am in need of some time of being out of the market….for at least a day, probably till next week.  The account is sitting in all cash at $16,682.

Jan 17:  I sold the rest of my CVX position for $10.20 for a $5,050 profit or 98% profit.  The trade has been good to me and while there are signs it still has more upside, I myself have had enough of the trade.

Jan 11:  I sold my Jan CVX puts for $1.97.   They expire next week and I don’t want to hold them any longer as value will be fast to come out if there is any pull back.  It was a 140% profit for $1,150.  I am holding the other CVX play and IBM.  The account is at $14,172 with 15 minutes left in the trade today.

Jan 4 (a):  I added 10 IBM Feb 195 calls for $3.25.  It is a similar play to CVX from a technical standpoint, although IBM has already tested its gap from the new year.

Jan 4:  I bought 10 Feb 105 calls on CVX for $5.15.  With today’s weakness, I like the opportunity to add.  I also bought 10 Jan 110 CVX calls for $0.82 to give me a more levered position but with little risk.  I will look to put on another position if strength comes back into the market.


Jan 3:  I sold all three positions.  I still like the market higher but I want to sit in cash and look to enter new trades or reenter the same if any pull back happens.  I sold BTU at 1.97 for a $640 profit.  I sold FCX for 2.18 for a $780 dollar gain and HAL at 2.60 for a $4050, profit.  This puts the account at $13,192.  I am withdrawing the initial 3K investment and so the trading account sits at $10,192

Jan 2 (A):  I have decided to hold BTU.  I put just a little on the trade and I believe it has a high chance of shaking off today’s weakness in the coming days.  Here is the chart.  There is about a $400 risk for me on this trade.


Jan 2: My stuff is underperforming the major market move today.  Part of the problem with HAL is that natural gas has been hammered.  I have no plan to  leave the trades but am looking to ride the 7 day MA now.  I am making another small play and will likely make it a day trade.  I bought 10 Jan 25 calls at $1.33.  It has had a major downside reversal today.  I have watched the trade all day and I entered now.  It is a rather risky, but I believe it has high odds for a bounce during the last of the day.

Dec 27 (B):  I also added a small FCX play.  10 Jan 33 calls at 1.40.  This stock was hammered a month ago due to some acquisition news.  It has rallied about 10% since.  It is a higher risk play due to its potential elevated volatility, but I believe if last week’s highs can break, it will surge big.  I also like the metals area in general right here.  I will leave with a break of today’s lows.

Dec 27 (a):  I added 30 HAL Jan 34 calls for $1.25.  This is an outperformer of the energy group.  I am using today’s lows as a stop.  With the big reversal today in many stocks, this is an easy way a bullish trade can be made.

Dec 27:  I closed CVX fro 1.25.  This brings the account to $7,722.  I have no positions on the board.

Dec19:  I added 20 Jan 105 puts on CVX for .78.  I am going to use today’s highs as a stopping level.

Dec 14:  I exited the IWM weekly puts at $1.25 for a $600 profit.  I still like IWM lower but will look to see if I get an entry I like next week.  I continue to hold the CVX position and I am up $0.20 on those options.  The account is at $6,722.

Dec 12 (2) :  I also bought 10 IWM Dec weekly puts for $0.65.  This is a play that there will be short term follow through to today’s reversal.  It is a small bet and I will be quick to take profit as the options only have two day left.

Dec 12:  I bought 20 CVX Jan 105 puts for $1.22.  The stock has bounced of the last month back to the 50 day MA and retracement levels after its very bearish move in Oct.  I am giving it a stop at $110.  A tighter stop can be had at today’s highs but I want to give myself some extra wriggle room.


Dec 11:  I sold my DE options for $0.45 and my IBM options for $0.23.  After losing all the value on the DE options, I am taking this $450 off.  The stock is retesting its earnings gap and while it could still surge, the options only have a week and a half left and are $2.00 out of the money,  and I don’t think there is a very good chance of getting much more out of these options.  My IBM has the same amount of time left and is still $6 out of the money.  This move puts me in all cash.  I’m not really interested in chasing today’s buying so I am looking at any potential signs of short term reversal.  Account value: $5,722.

Dec 10: I sold my IBM options for $4.22 for a little more than a double on the trade.  The profit was $1,110.  This move puts me is mostly cash and I will see what today’s action is like before making any new plays.

Dec 7:  I sold my CAT position.  I still like the play to the upside, but given I have two plays with Dec options, I decided to sell one.  Also, I’ve been in the position longer than I normally like to be in a position.  I sold the options for $2.70 with $1K profit on the trade.  I still have the two IBM plays and the DE options.  The values closed as followed today.  5 IBM 190 calls – $3.35;  10 IBM 200 calls – $0.20; 10 DE 87.5 – $0.41.  I don’t expect much out of the latter two plays as a very big move is needed for those to pay off at this point, but the risk is small as well.  The account is at $5,217 with $2,938 in cash.

Dec 5:  I added 5 Dec 190 IBM calls at $2.00.  I have been waiting for a good time to enter and today’s major reversal gives me that chance.  I can’t be patient with this play as there is not much time left in the options.

Dec 3:  Today’s market reversed negative  due to weak economic data.  My CAT play is sitting right at my stop area and I am going to hold for now.  There are a few plays that interest me out there but nothing that I am comfortable adding here with what I have.  With my small IBM bet, I am looking to make it a normal play if the stock moves back above the 7 day ma tomorrow.  There are some energy plays like CVX that if we see today’s highs break, would be very bullish to me.

Nov 29:  I sold my IWM calls for $1.20 for an $800 dollar profit.  They expire tomorrow and while I think there is still upside, the risk level is high. I continue to hold my other plays.  The account sits at $4,958 with $1792 in cash.

N0v 28 A:  I added 10 Nov5 81 weekly call options on IWM for $0.40.  They expire Friday so I need to see a move in the next two days.  I will be quick to take profit.

Nov 28:  Account review.  I have $992 cash.  I have the 10 DE contracts at $1.80,  the 10 IBM calls at $0.35, and the 6 DE calls at $0.50 Making the account total = $3,442.  With the bullish reversal today, I am looking to put more money to work with another short term IWM position.

Nov 27:  I bought 10 Dec 200 IBM calls @ $0.40.  This is a smaller dollar amount with high risk options.  If IBM as any follow through to its $10 rise last week, it will pay off big for me.  I am looking for it to come to the upper BB.  CAT is pulling back but holding the 7 and I am holding.

Nov 26:  I added 10 Dec 85 Cat calls at $1.70.  With the close about the 20 and 7 after the big gap last week off of support, I am adding with a stop using the 7 day MA.  I still have the DE calls and a little value has started to come back into them.  This puts about 60% of my money at work.

Nov23 A: I also took the profit on my XOM play.  I sold them for $3.90 with a $440 profit.  Will look to jump on opportunities next week.

Nov 23:  I sold my IWM calls this morning for $1.75, for 400% ($792) profit on my small bet.  While I think the market is going to continue higher, these weekly options become very high risk as they expire today and I took that gain that was there.  I may look to add another upside today.  XOM keeps chugging higher and a little value has come back to the DE options.  The gain from the IWM covered my DE lost and puts my account a nice position.  The exact value of my account is $3,352.

Nov 21:  My DE trade took a near fatal blow after earnings came in disappointing. My account is sitting around $2500 with $500 in cash.   XOM continues up nicely and IWM is still in play for a potential nice profit on Friday.  But I have to sell Friday because they are weekly options.

Nov 20:  I made a small $250 bet on the market with weekly IWM options.  I bought 6 78.5 Nov4 weekly options at $0.43.  After a pause of yesterday’s rally.  Any continued rally tomorrow or Friday will lead to a 100%-200% gain.   DE has earnings tomorrow so there is a potential for a big move.  XOM continues in the parameters.

Nov 19:  XOM is up with the market on a rather bullish gap.  Gets my first trade going in the right direction.  I just added DE as well.  6 Dec 87.5 for $1.90, $1,140.  The stock has outperformed the market and I’m expecting a break to a new high.  I will stop out with a close below the 7 day MA.

Nov 16:  XOM continues to dance around support.  No need to leave at this point and don’t expect anything to change today.  I am considering adding to it if there is some upside reversal from being down $0.70 today.

Nov 14: I bought 4 XOM Dec 85 calls for $2.80.  This is $1,160 put to work.    Buying into this market is a bottom pickers game and XOM gives a reasonable risk level with a stop at the 200 day Ma.  This is about a $500 risk.

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  3. Thanks John. Jim.

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